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Shawn's home base is Canada which he is rarely in. He works with people in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australasia and Africa 9 months of the year - enough time to make a baby.... which, he has not yet done but says he would like to one day.img_0005

Broadly speaking, Shawn teaches workshops and performs.

More specifically he engages performers, businesses people, health care professionals, education experts, scientists, toymakers, dancers, psychologists and even the military in various forms of improvisation and movement to make their world a little better.

Over the past three decades Shawn has been asked to teach in 43 countries. Memorable visits include Universities in Oxford and Cambridge, a roofless building in Peru, the National Theatre of Iceland, and Opera of Norway, a Favela in Brazil, palaces in Germany, circuses in Poland and Colombia.

"There are no boundaries to the possibilities of ideas, especially improvisation based ideas that push us to the edge of our safety structure and create growth"

Shawn's work has influence in education, group dynamics, awareness in human behaviour and creativity to name just a few.

"With improvisation as a base, more and more groups are recognizing the worth of a flexible mind-set that responds to a world that changes faster than business plans and curriculums. Adapt, respond, innovate, expand possibilities."

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Improvisation is the information AND the means to deliver the information

On a blank page we start with you and THEN add the content.

Where inspiration strikes we adapt the lesson and address the unique need/moment/person. We don't teach curriculum, we teach people. We don't throw a tool at a workplace, we help the worker create unique tools for specific tasks. Plan, but adapt to inspiration, otherwise outdated ideas might blind you from making better choices.

Be prepared to be changed. What other outcome would you want from beneficial experiences?

For improvisers

Technique AND Spirit - Master these qualities and you'll never fail to entertain an audience.

Having visited hundreds of groups in more than 40 countries over 30 years, Shawn offers information, inspiration, technique and fun for improvisers of every ability.

Expect a workshop that reveals your specific qualities and addresses your individual needs.

Topics cover a wide range: narrative, character, physical, format development, 'basics' (useful for every one, and many others. Workshops can be full days or last longer than a week. Existing show and development workshops are also possible. Shawn is always happy to discuss and devise unique workshop projects.

Drop Shawn a note and let's do something fun.


Shawn Kinley helps organizations all over the planet achieve specific goals. Working with group dynamics, change, Stress, flexibility, creativity, awareness, communication or perception and identity, the possibilities for growth are vast.

Improvisation deals with the human issues. Where hard skills are measurable immediatly, human skills are rarely taught but have huge long term impact. Tighten a screw and you've fixed a door. Listen to a client and they will open that door repeatedly.

Improvisation is the common tool for people all over the world. Sharpen it, tune it and improve your world. Drop Shawn a note Here and explore the possibilities . A discussion is no risk. It pushes the door open to see the potential inside.


A misconception about improvisation is that you must be quick and funny. It's not true.

Participants in impro workshops with Shawn come from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. They are children who play as they work on social skills. They are seniors working on brain enhancement skills. They are couples spending time together having fun. Some are risk takers, some aren't.

Whether you are looking for skills or a hobby, improvisation must be fun. If it isn't, let's do something else.Drop me a note and I'm sure we can come up with something you'll enjoy and might benefit from! Click here to reach me.

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Let's Talk. Send me a note and I will get back to you as soon as the plane lands.

If you pressed "send" and your words dissapeared, I should be reading them soon. If you need a quicker response, please feel free to write directly to sk@shawnkinley.com . Talk to you soon.