Hello and welcome.

Shawn Kinley travels the planet looking for people to play with.  Sure, sure… the word, “PLAY” sounds unprofessional and childish but for 7-9 months of the year Shawn plays with businesses, Arts groups, Universities, Sports groups and even the Military.

Shawn’s main work this day revolves around Improvisation (check www.improworldtour.com ) as a performer and workshhop leader in more than 30 countries.  He also (and by “he”, I mean “Me” because I’m writing this but maintaining some professional distance… which now I have lost.)  ‘HE’ also performs mime, mask and physical theatre for selected audiences.

Look around and see if you can find what you need.  Let’s be honest, I can probably be more helpful if we chatted about what you are looking for.  Drop me a note and I will see what I can do to help you out!


  • WHO is Shawn
  • PERFORMANCE History, information, etc
  • WORKSHOP Topics, information for schools, theatres, businesses, and others.
  • PRESS & PROMO stuff written about  Shawn and pictures from the Pres
  • SCHEDULE for… my uh… schedule
  • CONTACT which will allow you to compliment, complain and cwestion… question


Enjoy (and drop me a note…)


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